Computer Science Preparation Level 1 Online

For ages 12 - 17
Sep 21 2024 - Jan 25 2025
Saturday 2:10 pm - 3:10 pm (PST)
1909 W Broadway, Vancouver
This course is level 1 of a 4 level program designed to prepare students for computer science courses at the high school or university level. Computer Science Preparation Levels 1-3 practice the fundamentals of Java, while also applying them to a unique coding project that complements the course content. Computer Science Preparation Level 4 is specifically designed to prepare students for the Computer Science AP exam and test preparation based on the topics from levels 1-3. The course topics in level 1 are: variables and data types, expressions and assignment, compound assignment operators, boolean expressions and conditionals, iteration (loops and decision-making control structures), classes and their objects, methods (setters and getters), constructors, and 1D Arrays. This course's project is programming an app similiar to a Wordle game.

Prior programming experience is an asset for this course, but not required.
Age: 12 - 17

Billed by Semester ($845)


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