Advanced Game Design Online

Feb 02 2022 - Jun 01 2022
Wednesday 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm (PST)
Online (Zoom)
Advanced Game Design is geared towards mature students that have completed advanced topics at UTG and are looking for a course with a stronger focus on industry. So that the course can be offered at all of the UTG locations, it will be exclusively online. The overall course goal is to open up a window into game design as a profession. Advanced Game Design will have a stronger focus on collaboration and project management than previous UTG courses. The course is designed and taught by a professional working in the game design industry. The scale of the project is much larger than in previous Unity courses. As such, students will be encouraged to work in teams. The classes will be two hours in length to include more work time and feedback from the instructor. Some topics that are likely to be covered in Advanced Game Design are: object pooling, efficiency/profiling, singletons, static variables, inheritance, Other OOP - encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, coroutines, switch case and enums.
Age: 13 - 17



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